1st XI Premier Division Budleigh Salterton CC 1st X1 v Bovey Tracey CC 1st XI
Saturday, July 03 2010 (13:30) at The Ottermouth
Budleigh Salterton CC 1st X1 Winning draw
Points: Budleigh Salterton CC 1st X1: 13 Bovey Tracey CC 1st XI: 8
Bovey Tracey CC 1st XI won toss and decided to field
Budleigh Salterton CC 1st X1 Bovey Tracey CC 1st XI
226 for 5 (50.0 overs)181 for 5 (50.0 overs)
2 Hours, 41 Minutes.2 Hours, 43 Minutes.
Budleigh Salterton CC 1st X1
APW Allen*+b C Carter510101050.00
RI Dawsonb F Iqbal401041026038.46
J Burkec and bR Bougourd8913714510064.96
H Azamnot out57476243121.28
IE Bishopst B Ayresb R Bougourd1220050.00
LT Murrinrun out(C Bradley)2470050.00
A Conway
N Murrin
J Sharkey
L White
J Murphy
Extras3nb 14w 7lb 8b 0pen 32
Total226for 5
R Bougourd10.042820(0)0(0)30.002.80
C Carter7.013615(5)0(0)47.005.14
F Iqbal14.018112(6)2(2)88.005.79
C Bradley15.044800(0)0(0)0.003.20
D Green4.001803(3)1(1)0.004.50
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
APW Allen1-99APW Allen(5) RI Dawson(2)3.2
RI Dawson2-10899RI Dawson(38) J Burke(40)31.4
J Burke3-216108J Burke(49) H Azam(51)48.1
IE Bishop4-2182IE Bishop(1) H Azam(1)48.4
LT Murrin5-2268LT Murrin(2) H Azam(5)49.6
Bovey Tracey CC 1st XI
L Hammettlbwb IE Bishop933481027.27
B Ayres+b H Azam1429252048.28
C Carterlbwb J Murphy2233542066.67
F Iqbalnot out31961171032.29
A Kingdonrun out(RI Dawson)36312970116.13
A Fairbairnc APW Allenb A Conway2867511041.79
C Bradleynot out2312650191.67
R Bougourd
P Bradley*
A DeYoung
D Green
Extras1nb 10w 7lb 0b 0pen 18
Total181for 5
IE Bishop13.045713(7)0(0)81.004.38
H Azam11.413712(2)1(1)73.003.17
J Murphy9.042310(0)0(0)54.002.56
RI Dawson8.001801(1)0(0)0.002.25
A Conway8.003910(0)0(0)48.004.88
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
B Ayres1-2727B Ayres(14) L Hammett(5)7.2
L Hammett2-4518L Hammett(4) C Carter(10)12.5
C Carter3-6924C Carter(12) F Iqbal(9)21.2
A Kingdon4-11142A Kingdon(36) F Iqbal(3)29.2
A Fairbairn5-15746A Fairbairn(28) F Iqbal(18)47.5
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Good Pitch
Umpires: J Hicken I Weston
Scorers: A Parker G Coish
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