Merrion 1 v North County 1
Saturday, July 12 2014 at Anglesea Road
Merrion 1 Won By 64 runs
North County 1 won toss and decided to field
Merrion 1 North County 1
185 all out (41.4 overs)121 all out (36.2 overs)
Merrion 1
B Acklandb F Hand54649184.38
T Kanec and bN Rooney302750111.11
B Thompsonb J Newland9261034.62
D Joyce*lbwb J Newland280025.00
D Podernot out37565066.07
T Smith+b J Newland02000.00
J Shortc J Newlandb A Coughlan223008.70
D Watkinsrun out(J Newland)04000.00
T Stantonb T Affleck363651100.00
I Joycerun out(N Mcgovern)00000.00
D Carolusc C Sheilb T Affleck05000.00
Extras1nb 9w 5lb 0b 0pen 15
Total185all out
C Sheil7.003603(3)0(0)0.005.14
T Affleck5.403721(1)0(0)17.506.53
J Newland10.033333(3)0(0)21.003.30
N Rooney5.002211(1)1(1)32.004.40
F Hand7.011910(0)0(0)42.002.71
A Coughlan7.013311(1)0(0)43.004.71
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
T Kane1-6262T Kane(30) B Ackland(28)10.1
B Thompson2-9634B Thompson(9) B Ackland(24)17.4
B Ackland3-1004B Ackland(2) D Joyce(2)20.1
D Joyce4-1044D Joyce(0) D Poder(4)21.3
T Smith5-1040T Smith(0) D Poder(0)21.5
J Short6-13329J Short(2) D Poder(23)30.6
D Watkins7-1330D Watkins(0) D Poder(0)31.4
T Stanton8-18451T Stanton(36) D Poder(9)39.6
I Joyce9-1840I Joyce(0) D Poder(0)40.2
D Carolus10-1851D Carolus(0) D Poder(1)41.4
North County 1
N Mcgovernb D Joyce12402030.00
T Sheilb D Watkins25444056.82
T Affleckc J Shortb T Stanton9241037.50
A Coughlanc B Thompsonb I Joyce15380139.47
C Garryst T Smithb T Stanton07000.00
N Rooneyst T Smithb T Stanton01000.00
A Sheridanrun out(T Smith)22314070.97
J Newlandb D Joyce9212042.86
C Sheil*c T Smithb D Joyce4310133.33
F Handb D Joyce02000.00
D Casey+not out781087.50
Extras1nb 9w 8lb 0b 0pen 18
Total121all out
D Carolus6.01902(3)1(1)0.001.50
T Kane7.012103(3)0(0)0.003.00
D Joyce5.202040(0)0(0)8.003.75
T Stanton7.031332(2)0(0)14.671.86
D Watkins5.002711(1)0(0)31.005.40
I Joyce6.012310(0)0(0)36.003.83
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
N Mcgovern1-2929N Mcgovern(12) T Sheil(9)10.4
T Sheil2-5425T Sheil(16) T Affleck(8)16.5
T Affleck3-562T Affleck(1) A Coughlan(1)19.1
C Garry4-593C Garry(0) A Coughlan(1)21.4
N Rooney5-601N Rooney(0) A Coughlan(0)21.5
A Sheridan6-9232A Sheridan(22) A Coughlan(4)29.1
A Coughlan7-10917A Coughlan(9) J Newland(8)33.4
C Sheil8-1145C Sheil(4) J Newland(1)34.2
F Hand9-1140F Hand(0) J Newland(0)34.4
J Newland10-1217J Newland(0) D Casey(7)36.2
Weather: Pitch:
Umpires: Kevin Gallagher Gary Nichol
Scorers: Mary Magee Angela Mooney
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