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Premier Division - 1st XI 50 Weybridge CC 1st XI v Sunbury CC 1st XI
Saturday, August 23 2014 (00:00) at Weybridge Cricket Ground
Sunbury CC 1st XI Won By 58 runs
Sunbury CC 1st XI won toss and decided to bat
Sunbury CC 1st XI Weybridge CC 1st XI
207 all out (49.2 overs)149 all out (37.0 overs)
3 Hours, 13 Minutes.2 Hours, 22 Minutes.
Sunbury CC 1st XI
O Roland-Jonesc S Erweeb B Hooper414150028.57
J Maundersc J Popeb J Winslade1013192076.92
A London*c B Curranb B Hooper831151667072.17
A Harriott+st J Popeb I Lodhi4267784062.69
R Bedilbwb P Mann51590033.33
K Smithb I Lodhi3249543065.31
V Manrorun out(B Hooper)410160040.00
A Stanierlbwb B Hooper43510133.33
A Virdic J Popeb B Hooper34100075.00
R Crichardb J Winslade43610133.33
M Toddnot out2310066.67
Extras2nb 4w 7lb 1b 0pen 14
Total207all out
J Winslade10.013821(1)0(0)30.503.80
B Hooper9.223741(1)0(0)14.253.96
R Day6.002801(1)1(2)0.004.67
P Mann10.023311(1)0(0)61.003.30
I Lodhi9.003520(0)0(0)27.003.89
S Erwee5.002800(0)0(0)0.005.60
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
O Roland-Jones1-1313O Roland-Jones(4) J Maunders(8)3.6
J Maunders2-152J Maunders(2) A London(0)4.3
A Harriott3-8873A Harriott(42) A London(22)24.4
R Bedi4-979R Bedi(5) A London(4)27.6
K Smith5-17073K Smith(32) A London(39)42.6
V Manro6-19222V Manro(4) A London(17)46.5
A London7-1931A London(1) A Stanier(0)47.1
A Stanier8-1985A Stanier(4) A Virdi(0)47.4
R Crichard9-2057R Crichard(4) A Virdi(3)48.4
A Virdi10-2072A Virdi(0) M Todd(2)49.2
Weybridge CC 1st XI
J Pope*+c V Manrob A Stanier28152550186.67
B Curranc A Harriottb K Smith1191220122.22
S Erweelbwb M Todd1634473047.06
A Hoseb A Stanier1844521140.91
S Curranc A Harriottb A Virdi3254732159.26
J Winsladest A Harriottb A Stanier032000.00
T Manageic J Maundersb A Virdi619220031.58
P Mannc A Londonb M Todd1934301055.88
B Hooperb A Virdi068000.00
I Lodhirun out(V Manro)054000.00
R Daynot out002000.00
Extras2nb 3w 4lb 10b 0pen 19
Total149all out
K Smith6.003112(2)0(0)38.005.17
A Stanier10.053330(0)1(2)20.333.30
M Todd8.013320(0)0(0)24.004.13
V Manro3.001000(0)0(0)0.003.33
A Virdi7.021330(0)0(0)14.001.86
R Crichard3.001501(1)0(0)0.005.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
B Curran1-2525B Curran(11) J Pope(13)2.4
J Pope2-4722J Pope(15) S Erwee(5)5.2
S Erwee3-7427S Erwee(11) A Hose(5)14.3
A Hose4-9824A Hose(13) S Curran(11)19.1
J Winslade5-980J Winslade(0) S Curran(0)19.4
T Managei6-11921T Managei(6) S Curran(15)26.3
S Curran7-14930S Curran(6) P Mann(19)34.6
P Mann8-1490P Mann(0) B Hooper(0)35.1
I Lodhi9-1490I Lodhi(0) B Hooper(0)36.2
B Hooper10-1490B Hooper(0) R Day(0)36.6
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: D Morrison P Sherlock
Scorers: R Barker V Gibbens
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