First Teams Division One Yeadon 1stXI v Morley 1stXI
Saturday, August 30 2014 (12:58) at White Swan Ground
Morley 1stXI Won By 28 runs
Points: Yeadon 1stXI: 5 Morley 1stXI: 18
Yeadon 1stXI won toss and decided to field
Morley 1stXI Yeadon 1stXI
183 for 7 (50.0 overs)155 all out (43.4 overs)
3 Hours, 7 Minutes.2 Hours, 36 Minutes.
Morley 1stXI
M Westc O Stephensonb M Saeed1929442165.52
S Medleyb O Halliday1831513058.06
J McNicholc E Herdb P Machell3873983052.05
R Jubbb P Machell3276694042.11
G Robsonc R Welshb O Halliday1944501043.18
M Baxter*c D Gormleyb P Machell025000.00
K Naveedc T Mehboobb P Machell066000.00
L Heinemann+not out2333300269.70
N Brombynot out1381001162.50
D Nebard
M Dowse
Extras2nb 3w 8lb 8b 0pen 21
Total183for 7
O Halliday10.006220(0)2(2)31.006.20
M Saeed8.021813(3)0(0)51.002.25
P Machell15.033840(0)0(0)22.502.53
E Herd10.012700(0)0(0)0.002.70
A Mohammad7.012200(0)0(0)0.003.14
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
M West1-3636M West(19) S Medley(14)9.1
S Medley2-448S Medley(4) J McNichol(4)10.4
R Jubb3-10561R Jubb(32) J McNichol(22)30.6
J McNichol4-12621J McNichol(12) G Robson(8)36.6
M Baxter5-1282M Baxter(0) G Robson(2)38.5
K Naveed6-1324K Naveed(0) G Robson(0)40.5
G Robson7-15624G Robson(9) L Heinemann(14)46.6
Yeadon 1stXI
J Todd*c L Heinemannb M Dowse1426262053.85
O Hallidayb M Dowse931491029.03
O Stephensonc L Heinemannb N Bromby1028350035.71
E Herdlbwb D Nebard1634423047.06
T Mehboobc S Medleyb M Dowse7585909088.24
D Gormleyc L Heinemannb M West1021180147.62
R Welsh+b D Nebard059000.00
D Machellb M Dowse319180015.79
A Mohammadc R Jubbb D Nebard2650033.33
M Saeedc N Brombyb D Nebard3980033.33
P Machellnot out002000.00
Extras6nb 0w 3lb 4b 0pen 13
Total155all out
N Bromby11.033110(0)0(0)66.002.82
M Dowse12.014440(0)1(1)18.253.67
D Nebard13.423840(0)0(0)20.502.78
M West7.003510(0)1(5)43.005.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
J Todd1-2121J Todd(14) O Halliday(7)7.2
O Halliday2-3110O Halliday(2) O Stephenson(7)13.1
O Stephenson3-4312O Stephenson(3) E Herd(9)16.3
E Herd4-8744E Herd(7) T Mehboob(34)25.5
D Gormley5-11225D Gormley(10) T Mehboob(15)32.5
R Welsh6-12412R Welsh(0) T Mehboob(7)35.4
D Machell7-14521D Machell(3) T Mehboob(14)40.2
A Mohammad8-1483A Mohammad(2) T Mehboob(1)41.3
T Mehboob9-1557T Mehboob(4) M Saeed(3)42.6
M Saeed10-1550M Saeed(0) P Machell(0)43.4
Weather: Cloudy Pitch: Damp
Umpires: T Hamer D Allen
Scorers: D Sloane