Club Widget Bring your matches to the world with the TCS Live Score service.

Your club or school can have their match data available on the Total Cricket Scorer website, your own website and even on Android phones and tablets.

The live score service is being taken up by more and more clubs, schools and leagues to take them to the next level. The service is even used by Lord's.

Club Scores
Contact support@myactionreplay.com to enquire about Live Scoring licenses for your PC.
Live scores are an excellent way of increasing game attendances. People can sit at home watching live updates and when the game looks like being a good game more often than not they come down to the ground to see the rest of the game live. This didn’t and couldn’t happen without Total Cricket Scorer.

It increases traffic to your website and anyone at the game can use their mobile device to watch the scores, stats and all the features and graphs of the game live at the ground it also saves a lot of phone calls as those not playing can watch the scores live from their office or holiday destination.