County Somerset Cricket Board U19s v Hampshire Academy 1st XI
Monday, July 03 2017 (11:02) to Tuesday, July 04 2017 at Willis Lane, North Perrott
Somerset Cricket Board U19s Won By 8 wickets

Full scorecard
Batsmen Scorecard
Somerset Cricket Board U19s (2nd Innings)
L Shaw*c B Meadb T South135
S Wyattc G Metzgerb S Currie20
J Scrivensnot out126
C Reednot out14
F Hand
J Baird
H Fisher+
T Hall
H Morgan
J Gore
C Harding
T Walsh
Extras2nb 4w 5lb 6b 0pen 17
Totalfor 2312

Fall Of Wickets
S Wyatt5353S Wyatt(20) L Shaw(33)
L Shaw271218L Shaw(102) J Scrivens(105)

Bowlers Scorecard
T Scriven8.00350
J Campbell11.00520
R Hipwell6.00280
S Currie11.03401
W Carr3.0170
Z Organ11.00400
J Emanuel7.00360
F Organ6.00310
B Mead1.0080
T South3.40241