Friendly Hampstead CC Friendly v Crouch End Friendly
Sunday, July 01 2018 (13:06) at Greenfields
Crouch End Friendly Won By 64 runs

Full scorecard
Batsmen Scorecard
Hampstead CC Friendly
A Joanidesc R Rocherb K x55
S Gemes*c and bR Goodfield35
M Suttonc R Goodfieldb M Sandler30
S Payton+c R Rocherb M Sandler22
A Goelb R Rocher13
T Chaudryst K xb M Sandler3
M Thomasrun out(K x)7
O Turnerb M Sandler4
B Knights Johnsonc subb R Rocher1
A Milliganc subb N Dowers8
A Jermannot out5
Extras2nb 6w 1lb 4b 0pen 13
Totalall out196

Fall Of Wickets
A Joanides8585A Joanides(55) S Gemes(29)
S Gemes927S Gemes(6) M Sutton(1)
M Sutton14452M Sutton(29) S Payton(18)
S Payton1528S Payton(4) A Goel(4)
T Chaudry1586T Chaudry(3) A Goel(3)
M Thomas1679M Thomas(7) A Goel(1)
O Turner1714O Turner(4) A Goel(0)
B Knights Johnson1732B Knights Johnson(1) A Goel(0)
A Goel1785A Goel(5) A Milligan(0)
A Milligan19618A Milligan(8) A Jerman(5)

Bowlers Scorecard
N Nickel8.01350
R Rocher7.21402
R Goodfield8.00381
K x5.00361
M Sandler8.01274
N Dowers2.10151