All Rounder ECB Yorkshire South Premier League Wickersley Old Village CC 1st XI v Appleby Frodingham CC 1st XI
Saturday, July 30 2016 (12:30) at Northfield Lane
Wickersley Old Village CC 1st XI Won By 5 wickets
Points: Wickersley Old Village CC 1st XI: 12 Appleby Frodingham CC 1st XI: 0
Wickersley Old Village CC 1st XI won toss and decided to field
Appleby Frodingham CC 1st XI Wickersley Old Village CC 1st XI
158 all out (47.0 overs)162 for 5 (44.4 overs)
3 Hours, 7 Minutes.2 Hours, 22 Minutes.
Appleby Frodingham CC 1st XI
D Heathlbwb I Afzal316310018.75
M Morlandlbwb M Cummins3465896052.31
K Lindleyst S Guyb M Cummins2030364066.67
K Watsonc D Pughb M Cummins1854551033.33
I Snowdenb M Cummins1233440036.36
M Fowler*st S Guyb M Cummins27233231117.39
A Grimes+b I Afzal817270147.06
R Dayb I Afzal1220251060.00
C Groeninklbwb I Afzal1121231052.38
P Hiltonnot out1240050.00
G Forresterrun out(P Lund)1220050.00
Extras1nb 6w 4lb 0b 0pen 11
Total158all out
I Afzal15.033340(0)0(0)22.502.20
L Brown8.004603(5)0(0)0.005.75
M Cummins15.034150(0)0(0)18.002.73
T Pinson9.003401(1)1(1)0.003.78
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
D Heath1-1212D Heath(3) M Morland(7)6.1
K Lindley2-6048K Lindley(20) M Morland(24)15.5
M Morland3-7111M Morland(3) K Watson(8)21.6
K Watson4-9019K Watson(10) I Snowden(7)31.1
I Snowden5-977I Snowden(5) M Fowler(2)33.3
M Fowler6-13033M Fowler(25) A Grimes(8)39.2
A Grimes7-1322A Grimes(0) R Day(2)40.1
R Day8-15523R Day(10) C Groenink(11)46.1
C Groenink9-1561C Groenink(0) P Hilton(0)46.3
G Forrester10-1582G Forrester(1) P Hilton(1)46.6
Wickersley Old Village CC 1st XI
D Rodgersc P Hiltonb G Forrester6183847273.49
M Cumminsc A Grimesb P Hilton325270012.00
T Knightlbwb K Lindley1530303050.00
S Younislbwb D Heath044000.00
I Spencer-Jonesc P Hiltonb C Groenink2764722142.19
S Guy*+not out3856574267.86
P Lundnot out4651066.67
I Afzal
L Brown
T Pinson
D Pugh
Extras0nb 13w 1lb 0b 0pen 14
Total162for 5
C Groenink7.414211(1)0(0)47.005.48
P Hilton13.043713(3)0(0)81.002.85
D Heath15.023810(0)0(0)90.002.53
K Lindley5.013212(6)0(0)32.006.40
G Forrester4.011211(3)0(0)25.003.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
M Cummins1-2626M Cummins(3) D Rodgers(21)7.4
T Knight2-5327T Knight(15) D Rodgers(11)17.4
S Younis3-585S Younis(0) D Rodgers(5)18.6
D Rodgers4-8931D Rodgers(24) I Spencer-Jones(1)25.6
I Spencer-Jones5-15465I Spencer-Jones(26) S Guy(34)42.6
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: S Roberts S Trentham
Scorers: K Rodgers M Forrester