Somerset County Sports Taunton Sunday League Bridgwater CC Sunday 1st XI v Wellington CC, Somerset Wellington Warriors
Sunday, September 04 2016 (13:28) at
Wellington CC, Somerset Wellington Warriors Won By 105 runs
Wellington CC, Somerset Wellington Warriors won toss and decided to bat
Wellington CC, Somerset Wellington Warriors Bridgwater CC Sunday 1st XI
337 for 5 (40.0 overs)232 all out (39.3 overs)
2 Hours, 8 Minutes.2 Hours, 5 Minutes.
Wellington CC, Somerset Wellington Warriors
A Campbell*c L Caswellb D Court4869705169.57
Z Swartzretd, out1066667116160.61
A Sparkeslbwb D Court91455068202.22
L Desavec J Butterfieldb J Salt29141241207.14
N Crossingst L Caswellb T Barrett1718251194.44
J Bealnot out1315190186.67
T Brooks+not out61491042.86
D Derrick
R Henwood
T Fyfe
R Moysey
Extras0nb 10w 3lb 14b 0pen 27
Total337for 5
A Frick7.004200(0)0(0)0.006.00
H Rose7.007001(5)0(0)0.0010.00
T Bellinger7.013400(0)0(0)0.004.86
D Court7.005224(4)0(0)23.007.43
J Duckering2.003100(0)0(0)0.0015.50
J Salt5.004910(0)0(0)30.009.80
T Barrett5.004211(1)0(0)31.008.40
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
Z Swartz0-162162Z Swartz(106) A Campbell(47)21.5
A Campbell1-1642A Campbell(1) A Sparkes(1)22.4
L Desave2-20036L Desave(29) A Sparkes(2)25.6
N Crossing3-29494N Crossing(17) A Sparkes(70)34.1
A Sparkes4-32834A Sparkes(18) J Beal(10)36.4
Bridgwater CC Sunday 1st XI
T Bellingerc J Bealb N Crossing042000.00
J Saltc subb N Crossing29232360126.09
J Duckeringc A Sparkesb N Crossing812191066.67
T Barrett*c J Bealb R Henwood49110044.44
D Courtc T Brooksb R Moysey3139485079.49
W Kellyb T Fyfe812122066.67
A Frickc subb J Beal51313881164.52
J Butterfieldc subb J Beal1650016.67
L Caswellc T Brooksb J Beal032000.00
E Coombs+not out741450017.07
H Rosec L Desaveb D Derrick4258408072.41
Extras1nb 36w 2lb 12b 0pen 51
Total232all out
N Crossing7.003532(2)0(0)14.675.00
R Henwood7.003715(5)0(0)47.005.29
T Fyfe5.004011(2)1(1)32.008.00
R Moysey7.004610(0)0(0)42.006.57
J Beal2.01330(0)0(0)4.001.50
A Sparkes2.001403(7)0(0)0.007.00
L Desave5.011801(1)0(0)0.003.60
Z Swartz4.002007(14)0(0)0.005.00
D Derrick0.30515(5)0(0)8.0010.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
T Bellinger1-00T Bellinger(0) J Salt(0)0.4
J Duckering2-4242J Duckering(8) J Salt(29)6.2
J Salt3-420J Salt(0) T Barrett(0)6.3
T Barrett4-5614T Barrett(4) D Court(8)9.5
W Kelly5-7317W Kelly(8) D Court(8)13.5
D Court6-13562D Court(15) A Frick(43)20.1
J Butterfield7-1405J Butterfield(1) A Frick(4)21.3
L Caswell8-1400L Caswell(0) A Frick(0)21.6
A Frick9-1455A Frick(4) E Coombs(1)23.2
H Rose10-23287H Rose(42) E Coombs(6)39.3
Weather: Cloudy Pitch: Dry
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