MCC MCC Schools v ESCA
Tuesday, September 06 2016 (09:09) at Lord's
ESCA Won By 52 runs
ESCA won toss and decided to bat
ESCA MCC Schools
263 for 8 (50.0 overs)211 all out (42.5 overs)
3 Hours, 5 Minutes.2 Hours, 42 Minutes.
RM Yatesb TRA Scriven2130254070.00
WEL Buttlemanlbwb TRA Scriven10412115311485.95
TJ Pricelbwb AJ Woodland1638452042.11
JGT Crawleyc FS Organb TW Hartley820171040.00
GID Lavelle*+c BJ Worcesterb TW Hartley1422251063.64
B Claydonrun out(TRA Scriven)63526243121.15
TR Bevanc subb TRA Scriven4870050.00
LA Patterson-Whiterun out(TRA Scriven)14101710140.00
RA Parker-Colenot out11200100.00
BMJ Allisonnot out001000.00
A Nazir
Extras4nb 11w 2lb 1b 0pen 18
Total263for 8
HA Jordan10.007603(3)2(4)0.007.60
TRA Scriven9.014832(6)0(0)18.675.33
HJ Hankins5.012301(1)0(0)0.004.60
AJ Woodland6.011410(0)0(0)36.002.33
RS Wijeratne5.012800(0)0(0)0.005.60
TW Hartley10.004021(1)0(0)30.504.00
TJ Haines5.003100(0)0(0)0.006.20
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
RM Yates1-2828RM Yates(21) WEL Buttleman(4)7.4
TJ Price2-7143TJ Price(16) WEL Buttleman(25)19.4
JGT Crawley3-9524JGT Crawley(8) WEL Buttleman(15)25.2
GID Lavelle4-13742GID Lavelle(14) WEL Buttleman(28)33.6
WEL Buttleman5-19457WEL Buttleman(32) B Claydon(21)43.3
TR Bevan6-20612TR Bevan(4) B Claydon(8)45.3
LA Patterson-White7-26256LA Patterson-White(14) B Claydon(34)49.4
B Claydon8-2620B Claydon(0) RA Parker-Cole(0)49.5
MCC Schools
ASB Bramleyc RM Yatesb TJ Price50497791102.04
TJ Haineslbwb BMJ Allison1890012.50
RS Wijeratnec RM Yatesb TJ Price2425355096.00
AJ Woodlandb TJ Price128830150.00
FS Organlbwb A Nazir1839482046.15
BJ Worcester*+c JGT Crawleyb LA Patterson-White416100025.00
HRC Cameb TJ Price3864711159.38
TRA Scrivenc LA Patterson-Whiteb A Nazir13101111130.00
TW Hartleyc TJ Priceb A Nazir1618191188.89
HA Jordanb TR Bevan1218161066.67
HJ Hankinsnot out22400100.00
Extras0nb 15w 3lb 3b 0pen 21
Total211all out
RA Parker-Cole4.002904(4)0(0)0.007.25
BMJ Allison5.002912(2)0(0)32.005.80
TJ Price7.513641(1)0(0)12.004.60
LA Patterson-White10.012511(1)0(0)61.002.50
A Nazir10.005130(0)0(0)20.005.10
TR Bevan6.003516(7)0(0)42.005.83
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
TJ Haines1-66TJ Haines(1) ASB Bramley(0)1.5
RS Wijeratne2-7064RS Wijeratne(24) ASB Bramley(37)10.2
AJ Woodland3-8616AJ Woodland(12) ASB Bramley(4)12.4
ASB Bramley4-10216ASB Bramley(9) FS Organ(5)18.2
BJ Worcester5-1075BJ Worcester(4) FS Organ(1)21.3
FS Organ6-12518FS Organ(12) HRC Came(6)26.3
TRA Scriven7-14520TRA Scriven(13) HRC Came(7)30.6
TW Hartley8-17227TW Hartley(16) HRC Came(6)36.2
HA Jordan9-20735HA Jordan(12) HRC Came(17)41.6
HRC Came10-2114HRC Came(2) HJ Hankins(2)42.5
Weather: Changeable Pitch: Hard
Umpires: GN Blackmore CT Puckett
Scorers: SL Jones JE McGeown