Division 1 2016 Felling CC 1st XI v Sacriston CC 1st XI
Saturday, September 10 2016 (12:30) at High Heworth Lane
Points: Felling CC 1st XI: 7 Sacriston CC 1st XI: 15
Felling CC 1st XI won toss and decided to bat
Felling CC 1st XI Sacriston CC 1st XI
223 for 9 (55.0 overs)184 for 3 (40.3 overs)
3 Hours, 29 Minutes.2 Hours, 29 Minutes.
Felling CC 1st XI
S Walker*b C Appleby7815719611049.68
G Scottc M Bettsb G Bridge5774838277.03
C Goudielbwb W Gidman065000.00
I Hunterb G Bridge3342536078.57
M Turnerc L Straughairb G Bridge10101420100.00
B Potts+lbwb G Bridge1670016.67
G Wrightlbwb G Bridge010000.00
D Clarknot out1025400040.00
P Leonardb C Appleby1110920110.00
P Vintonlbwb C Appleby011000.00
A Trotternot out011000.00
Extras7nb 4w 6lb 6b 0pen 23
Total223for 9
M Betts6.022500(0)0(0)0.004.17
G Hubber5.011903(3)0(0)0.003.80
W Gidman14.014210(0)0(0)84.003.00
C Appleby9.015031(1)2(6)19.005.56
G Bridge15.033550(0)0(0)18.002.33
M Hubber6.004000(0)1(1)0.006.67
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
G Scott1-9292G Scott(57) S Walker(31)22.1
C Goudie2-975C Goudie(0) S Walker(1)23.2
I Hunter3-15356I Hunter(33) S Walker(22)38.5
M Turner4-17421M Turner(10) S Walker(8)42.4
B Potts5-1773B Potts(1) S Walker(2)44.4
G Wright6-1770G Wright(0) S Walker(0)44.5
S Walker7-20528S Walker(14) D Clark(8)52.2
P Leonard8-22116P Leonard(11) D Clark(2)54.4
P Vinton9-2221P Vinton(0) D Clark(0)54.5
Sacriston CC 1st XI
D Andersonlbwb G Scott1621232076.19
I Jones*c P Leonardb I Hunter2634524076.47
W Gidmannot out69911259075.82
M Hubberc G Wrightb I Hunter1133312033.33
R Carrnot out4167665061.19
G Bridge
M Betts
G Hubber
L Straughair
C Appleby
G Wrightson+
Extras3nb 2w 6lb 10b 0pen 21
Total184for 3
P Leonard12.026100(0)1(1)0.005.08
M Turner6.002202(2)1(1)0.003.67
G Scott4.002210(0)1(1)25.005.50
I Hunter14.023520(0)0(0)42.002.50
A Trotter4.302800(0)0(0)0.006.22
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
D Anderson1-4242D Anderson(16) I Jones(20)6.1
I Jones2-8139I Jones(6) W Gidman(20)13.1
M Hubber3-10726M Hubber(11) W Gidman(13)21.4
Match Report
Sacriston 7 winning draw Points + 4 Batting Points + 4 Bowling Points= 15 Points in Total. Felling score at 50 overs was 190-6. Bad Light stopped play at 19:02 with Sacriston 184-3 (40.3 Overs). Play was called off for the day at 19:30. Felling win the league from Sacriston by 4 points and gain promotion.
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: A Blackbird S Barnes
Scorers: RV Hilton D Ritzema
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