Premier Division Wolverhampton CC 1st XI v Ombersley CC 1st XI
Saturday, September 17 2016 (12:00) at Danescourt, Wolverhampton
Ombersley CC 1st XI Won By 2 wickets
Points: Wolverhampton CC 1st XI: 3 Ombersley CC 1st XI: 20
Ombersley CC 1st XI won toss and decided to field
Wolverhampton CC 1st XI Ombersley CC 1st XI
99 all out (27.0 overs)104 for 8 (26.0 overs)
1 Hour, 57 Minutes.1 Hour, 55 Minutes.
Wolverhampton CC 1st XI
R Jaswalc GM Andrewb FGF Wynn1760014.29
BJ Twohigb A Fiaz2250802044.00
ZUA Malikc EJ Baylisb GM Andrew210110020.00
TC Fellb GM Andrew011000.00
JB Hammondb GM Andrew312150025.00
WF Nieldb FGF Wynn3560060.00
DJ Bowyer*b GM Andrew414241028.57
A Lawleyb A Fiaz15142720107.14
U Arifnot out2238362057.89
JP Bothmalbwb EJ Baylis069000.00
J Parr+b EJ Baylis059000.00
Extras0nb 16w 7lb 4b 0pen 27
Total99all out
GM Andrew10.023243(4)0(0)15.753.20
FGF Wynn6.012323(7)0(0)19.503.83
A Fiaz7.012321(5)0(0)21.503.29
EJ Baylis4.011020(0)0(0)12.002.50
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
R Jaswal1-11R Jaswal(1) BJ Twohig(0)1.4
ZUA Malik2-98ZUA Malik(2) BJ Twohig(5)4.1
TC Fell3-90TC Fell(0) BJ Twohig(0)4.2
JB Hammond4-1910JB Hammond(3) BJ Twohig(4)8.1
WF Nield5-234WF Nield(3) BJ Twohig(0)9.2
DJ Bowyer6-5431DJ Bowyer(4) BJ Twohig(13)14.6
BJ Twohig7-6915BJ Twohig(0) A Lawley(10)17.4
A Lawley8-8415A Lawley(5) U Arif(10)21.5
JP Bothma9-873JP Bothma(0) U Arif(2)24.4
J Parr10-9912J Parr(0) U Arif(10)26.6
Ombersley CC 1st XI
L Gwynne+b JP Bothma2990022.22
BL D'Oliveirac R Jaswalb U Arif12111730109.09
JJ Dellb JP Bothma049000.00
FGF Wynnc ZUA Malikb JP Bothma2142473050.00
GM Andrewnot out54499452110.20
EJ Baylislbwb JP Bothma210120020.00
AGO Robertsonlbwb U Arif31090030.00
S Ahmedlbwb U Arif212100016.67
MJ Rawnsleylbwb BJ Twohig033000.00
A Fiaz*not out0611000.00
ND Slade
Extras0nb 7w 1lb 0b 0pen 8
Total104for 8
JP Bothma10.022941(1)0(0)15.252.90
U Arif8.022631(5)0(0)16.333.25
A Lawley1.001000(0)0(0)0.0010.00
BJ Twohig7.003811(1)0(0)43.005.43
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
L Gwynne1-1111L Gwynne(2) BL D'Oliveira(8)2.3
BL D'Oliveira2-209BL D'Oliveira(4) JJ Dell(0)3.5
JJ Dell3-200JJ Dell(0) FGF Wynn(0)4.1
FGF Wynn4-6343FGF Wynn(21) GM Andrew(21)14.6
EJ Baylis5-7310EJ Baylis(2) GM Andrew(8)18.2
AGO Robertson6-785AGO Robertson(3) GM Andrew(1)20.2
S Ahmed7-868S Ahmed(2) GM Andrew(6)22.5
MJ Rawnsley8-871MJ Rawnsley(0) GM Andrew(1)23.4
Weather: Changeable, Breezy Pitch: Damp
Umpires: ID Harris M Qureshi
Scorers: AR Weaver TN Bradley
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