Division 4 Newcastle & Hartshill CC 2nd XI v Stone SP CC, Staffs Stone SP 3rd XI
Saturday, September 17 2016 (12:30) at Stafford Avenue
Newcastle & Hartshill CC 2nd XI Won By 2 wickets
Newcastle & Hartshill CC 2nd XI won toss and decided to field
Stone SP CC, Staffs Stone SP 3rd XI Newcastle & Hartshill CC 2nd XI
184 all out (48.0 overs)186 for 8 (44.5 overs)
2 Hours, 54 Minutes.2 Hours, 21 Minutes.
Stone SP CC, Staffs Stone SP 3rd XI
J Suttonb D Davies1220261060.00
S Buttersc R Cronieb D Davies032000.00
J Pearsonc A Keatesb J Wilson4856749085.71
S Aston+c A Keatesb J Wilson4968818072.06
N Podmorelbwb J Wilson1760014.29
C Jonesb J Wilson032000.00
I Suttonc R Hallb J Cronie3151545060.78
J Wardb D Welsh423280017.39
P Minshallb D Welsh522261022.73
I Banks*not out1425321056.00
M Cuthbertlbwb D Welsh0119000.00
Extras1nb 0w 9lb 10b 0pen 20
Total184all out
D Davies10.024720(0)0(0)30.004.70
A Keates10.015100(0)1(1)0.005.10
s smith10.003300(0)0(0)0.003.30
J Wilson7.031540(0)0(0)10.502.14
D Welsh6.03730(0)0(0)12.001.17
J Cronie5.011210(0)0(0)30.002.40
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
S Butters1-11S Butters(0) J Sutton(1)0.4
J Sutton2-1918J Sutton(11) J Pearson(2)6.2
J Pearson3-10283J Pearson(46) S Aston(31)20.2
N Podmore4-1064N Podmore(1) S Aston(3)22.2
C Jones5-1060C Jones(0) S Aston(0)22.5
S Aston6-12519S Aston(15) I Sutton(4)28.6
J Ward7-16035J Ward(4) I Sutton(27)37.5
I Sutton8-1600I Sutton(0) P Minshall(0)38.3
P Minshall9-18020P Minshall(5) I Banks(11)45.2
M Cuthbert10-1844M Cuthbert(0) I Banks(3)47.6
Newcastle & Hartshill CC 2nd XI
E Brownc C Jonesb I Banks1310830130.00
C Marshb M Cuthbert725250028.00
J Cronielbwb J Ward2244443050.00
R Hallst S Astonb M Cuthbert18131621138.46
J Haganc C Jonesb I Banks1932293059.38
A Keatesc I Suttonb I Banks76748463102.70
J Wilsonlbwb M Cuthbert012000.00
s smithc I Banksb M Cuthbert1237402032.43
R Cronie+not out1331240041.94
D Welsh*not out44310100.00
D Davies
Extras1nb 1w 0lb 0b 0pen 2
Total186for 8
I Banks10.005330(0)0(0)20.005.30
P Minshall7.021500(0)0(0)0.002.14
M Cuthbert15.025241(1)1(1)23.003.47
J Ward11.505710(0)0(0)71.004.82
J Sutton1.00900(0)0(0)0.009.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
E Brown1-1414E Brown(13) C Marsh(1)2.5
C Marsh2-2410C Marsh(6) J Cronie(4)8.5
R Hall3-5430R Hall(18) J Cronie(12)14.1
J Cronie4-6814J Cronie(6) J Hagan(8)17.2
J Hagan5-9325J Hagan(11) A Keates(14)23.5
J Wilson6-974J Wilson(0) A Keates(4)24.1
s smith7-15861s smith(12) A Keates(49)37.3
A Keates8-18123A Keates(9) R Cronie(12)43.5
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: S Finney K Machin
Scorers: C Holford J Sutton