Winkworth Cup 2017 Group 2 Sleaford CC 1st XI v Grantham CC 1st XI
Monday, May 01 2017 (00:00) at Cross-O-Cliff Court
Grantham CC 1st XI Won By 19 runs
Grantham CC 1st XI won toss and decided to bat
Grantham CC 1st XI Sleaford CC 1st XI
168 for 8 (20.0 overs)149 for 8 (20.0 overs)
1 Hour, 16 Minutes.1 Hour, 14 Minutes.
Grantham CC 1st XI
J Dobsonc K Harbronb C Hall1213121092.31
R Carnelleyrun out(J Taylor)1610930160.00
M Dowman*c O Burfordb S Morris70485355145.83
D Freemanc and bA Youles022000.00
J Brumbylbwb S Morris1320033.33
R Johnsonc A Hibberdb S Morris28223331127.27
J Keastc A Hibberdb C Hall981301112.50
N Stevensonb A Youles3570060.00
S Lythgoenot out77910100.00
J Mihill+not out1340033.33
J Peck
Extras0nb 7w 9lb 5b 0pen 21
Total168for 8
A Youles4.002520(0)0(0)12.006.25
C Hall4.002321(1)0(0)12.505.75
S Morris4.003030(0)0(0)8.007.50
K Harbron4.004602(4)0(0)0.0011.50
M Mansfield4.003002(2)0(0)0.007.50
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
R Carnelley1-2424R Carnelley(16) J Dobson(6)3.1
J Dobson2-306J Dobson(6) M Dowman(0)3.5
D Freeman3-311D Freeman(0) M Dowman(1)4.2
J Brumby4-321J Brumby(1) M Dowman(0)5.1
R Johnson5-12391R Johnson(28) M Dowman(46)14.2
M Dowman6-14926M Dowman(23) J Keast(3)16.6
J Keast7-1556J Keast(6) N Stevenson(0)17.3
N Stevenson8-1649N Stevenson(3) S Lythgoe(6)18.5
Sleaford CC 1st XI
S Morris*c N Stevensonb J Keast1210901120.00
C Robertsc S Lythgoeb N Stevenson2124282087.50
O Burford+c J Mihillb N Stevenson61091060.00
A Hibberdc D Freemanb J Keast47314052151.61
C Colync J Peckb N Stevenson2550040.00
B Lambertb J Peck1530020.00
J Taylorb J Brumby31262921119.23
A Youlesrun out(D Freeman)67130085.71
C Hallnot out73610233.33
K Harbronnot out11100100.00
M Mansfield
Extras2nb 8w 4lb 1b 0pen 15
Total149for 8
J Keast4.002721(2)0(0)12.506.75
D Freeman4.003403(3)0(0)0.008.50
J Brumby3.002311(1)1(1)20.007.67
N Stevenson4.001130(0)0(0)8.002.75
J Peck3.002512(2)0(0)20.008.33
M Dowman2.002400(0)1(1)0.0012.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
S Morris1-2323S Morris(12) C Roberts(7)2.6
O Burford2-3916O Burford(6) C Roberts(7)5.2
C Roberts3-5011C Roberts(7) A Hibberd(1)7.5
C Colyn4-588C Colyn(2) A Hibberd(6)9.2
B Lambert5-602B Lambert(1) A Hibberd(0)10.1
A Hibberd6-11959A Hibberd(40) J Taylor(16)16.4
J Taylor7-13819J Taylor(15) A Youles(3)18.5
A Youles8-14810A Youles(3) C Hall(7)19.5
Weather: Quite Nice Pitch: Hard
Umpires: P Epton M Evans
Scorers: S Clayton C Harbron