Rudgate Brewery Yorkshire Leagues Knockout Cup Driffield Town CC 1st XI v Woodhouse Grange CC 1st XI
Monday, May 01 2017 (12:30) at Kings Mill Road, Driffield
Woodhouse Grange CC 1st XI Won By 65 runs
Woodhouse Grange CC 1st XI won toss and decided to bat
Woodhouse Grange CC 1st XI Driffield Town CC 1st XI
250 for 5 (45.0 overs)185 all out (43.3 overs)
2 Hours, 54 Minutes.2 Hours, 21 Minutes.
Woodhouse Grange CC 1st XI
A Bilton*b J Pick67871117177.01
T Younglbwb H Burnhill534460014.71
C Biltonb J Hopper929011670102.22
M Hatteec B Kohler-Cadmoreb C Rudd2639431066.67
S Burdettnot out871700114.29
R Waltonc B Kohler-Cadmoreb J Hopper2113931161.54
M Burdett+not out000000.00
C Suddaby
A Burton
T Quinn
J Jackson
Extras0nb 18w 13lb 0b 0pen 31
Total250for 5
J Hopper9.024421(1)0(0)27.504.89
O Ezard9.012705(5)0(0)0.003.00
H Burnhill5.002913(7)0(0)33.005.80
N Hardgrave2.002000(0)0(0)0.0010.00
C Rudd5.003012(2)0(0)32.006.00
S Drury1.00900(0)0(0)0.009.00
D Broumpton7.004302(2)0(0)0.006.14
J Pick7.003511(1)0(0)43.005.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
T Young1-3838T Young(5) A Bilton(22)11.6
A Bilton2-146108A Bilton(45) C Bilton(54)27.4
M Hattee3-21266M Hattee(26) C Bilton(33)39.4
C Bilton4-2219C Bilton(5) S Burdett(3)42.2
R Walton5-25029R Walton(21) S Burdett(5)44.6
Driffield Town CC 1st XI
C Ruddlbwb T Young911131081.82
A Rahim (Os)b J Jackson2436333066.67
B Kohler-Cadmorec A Burtonb S Burdett56101083.33
S Druryc S Burdettb J Jackson1432352043.75
J Pickc M Burdettb J Jackson1125182044.00
H Burnhillrun out(J Jackson)1830333060.00
D Broumpton*c J Jacksonb C Suddaby5866804387.88
N Hardgraverun out(A Bilton)000000.00
M Goddard+b J Jackson2838333173.68
J Hopperb R Walton044000.00
O Ezardnot out715150046.67
Extras0nb 4w 7lb 0b 0pen 11
Total185all out
T Young7.004111(1)0(0)43.005.86
S Burdett6.022510(0)0(0)36.004.17
J Jackson9.042541(1)0(0)13.752.78
A Burton7.012301(1)0(0)0.003.29
R Walton9.014111(1)0(0)55.004.56
T Quinn3.011900(0)0(0)0.006.33
C Suddaby2.30410(0)0(0)15.001.60
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
C Rudd1-1414C Rudd(9) A Rahim (Os)(5)4.2
B Kohler-Cadmore2-2814B Kohler-Cadmore(5) A Rahim (Os)(7)7.1
A Rahim (Os)3-4012A Rahim (Os)(12) S Drury(0)10.2
J Pick4-6424J Pick(11) S Drury(11)16.5
S Drury5-695S Drury(3) H Burnhill(2)18.6
H Burnhill6-9223H Burnhill(16) D Broumpton(3)25.8
N Hardgrave7-920N Hardgrave(0) D Broumpton(0)26.3
M Goddard8-14755M Goddard(28) D Broumpton(26)37.3
J Hopper9-1514J Hopper(0) D Broumpton(3)38.4
D Broumpton10-18534D Broumpton(26) O Ezard(7)43.3
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: A Seymour A Thomassen
Scorers: I Broumpton D Farmer
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