Birmingham league Brockhampton Seconds v Moseley Cricket Club Moseley 2nd XI
Saturday, May 20 2017 (14:30) at Brockhampton Cricket Club
Moseley Cricket Club Moseley 2nd XI Won By 82 runs
Brockhampton Seconds won toss and decided to field
Moseley Cricket Club Moseley 2nd XI Brockhampton Seconds
192 for 5 (23.0 overs)110 all out (21.4 overs)
1 Hour, 33 Minutes.1 Hour, 25 Minutes.
Moseley Cricket Club Moseley 2nd XI
R Kanjanic M Porterb R Broadbridge895264113171.15
J Sammonsc G Cookb R Broadbridge4450656088.00
A Shoaibc M Emeryb R Broadbridge1314181092.86
K Patellbwb R Broadbridge4690066.67
C Narotranot out17141810121.43
B Mohammedb R Broadbridge3480075.00
A Underdownnot out11100100.00
K Din
E Hulbert*+
Y Khan
V Patel
Extras6nb 13w 1lb 1b 0pen 21
Total192for 5
G Cook5.004104(4)1(2)0.008.20
M Porter5.003003(3)0(0)0.006.00
O Rogoff4.004302(4)1(2)0.0010.75
A Hinkley4.004400(0)1(2)0.0011.00
R Broadbridge5.003252(2)0(0)6.406.40
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
R Kanjani1-146146R Kanjani(89) J Sammons(44)16.3
J Sammons2-1460J Sammons(0) A Shoaib(0)16.4
K Patel3-15913K Patel(4) A Shoaib(5)18.4
A Shoaib4-17314A Shoaib(8) C Narotra(2)20.3
B Mohammed5-19017B Mohammed(3) C Narotra(14)22.4
Brockhampton Seconds
J Moklerc K Patelb K Din51456460113.33
O Rogoffc K Patelb A Underdown18150012.50
C Scott+b K Patel815141053.33
M Porter*b V Patel18162011112.50
M Emeryc E Hulbertb A Underdown514210035.71
A Hinkleyc C Narotrab A Underdown1530020.00
M Evansc R Kanjanib K Din316160018.75
G Cookc K Patelb A Underdown85220160.00
R Broadbridgeb K Din1320033.33
J Masonc V Patelb K Din33600100.00
C Tobeynot out000000.00
Extras0nb 11w 0lb 0b 0pen 11
Total110all out
Y Khan4.001501(1)0(0)0.003.75
A Underdown5.002541(1)0(0)7.755.00
V Patel4.003210(0)0(0)24.008.00
K Patel4.003013(8)0(0)27.007.50
K Din4.41841(1)0(0)7.251.71
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
O Rogoff1-1616O Rogoff(1) J Mokler(13)3.5
C Scott2-3418C Scott(8) J Mokler(10)7.2
M Porter3-8046M Porter(18) J Mokler(23)12.3
J Mokler4-9212J Mokler(5) M Emery(4)15.6
A Hinkley5-942A Hinkley(1) M Emery(1)16.6
M Emery6-951M Emery(0) M Evans(0)18.1
G Cook7-1038G Cook(8) M Evans(0)18.6
R Broadbridge8-1052R Broadbridge(1) M Evans(1)19.6
M Evans9-1105M Evans(2) J Mason(3)21.3
J Mason10-1100J Mason(0) C Tobey(0)21.4
Weather: Rain Pitch: Dry
Umpires: G Smith P Wade
Scorers: B Williams