County Cup Loughborough Town CC 1st XI v Hinckley Town CC 1st XI
Sunday, May 21 2017 (13:30) at Loughborough Town cc
Loughborough Town CC 1st XI Won By 72 runs
Hinckley Town CC 1st XI won toss and decided to field
Loughborough Town CC 1st XI Hinckley Town CC 1st XI
145 all out (34.2 overs)73 all out (26.3 overs)
2 Hours, 11 Minutes.1 Hour, 43 Minutes.
Loughborough Town CC 1st XI
A Patel*b T Hitton510140050.00
S Patelb S Singh810121080.00
B Mikec and bS Singh20202430100.00
G Kennyc C Sherrardb A Ghafoor1517321088.24
S Wilsonc R Senb G Singh1027291037.04
K Saddingtonc G Singhb J Valand2736460275.00
J Purvis+c and bJ Valand3342503278.57
J Barkerb J Valand2760028.57
P Modhab J Valand514210035.71
N Patelnot out518140027.78
N Bowleyc C Sherrardb J Valand056000.00
Extras0nb 11w 3lb 1b 0pen 15
Total145all out
S Singh6.002222(2)0(0)19.003.67
T Hitton8.004715(5)0(0)53.005.88
G Singh7.012010(0)0(0)42.002.86
A Ghafoor8.004514(4)0(0)52.005.63
J Valand5.21750(0)0(0)6.401.31
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
S Patel1-1616S Patel(8) A Patel(5)2.6
A Patel2-160A Patel(0) B Mike(0)3.2
B Mike3-4832B Mike(20) G Kenny(8)8.4
G Kenny4-568G Kenny(7) S Wilson(1)11.1
S Wilson5-7418S Wilson(9) K Saddington(6)16.1
K Saddington6-11642K Saddington(21) J Purvis(19)24.1
J Barker7-1259J Barker(2) J Purvis(6)26.2
J Purvis8-13914J Purvis(8) P Modha(5)30.1
P Modha9-1423P Modha(0) N Patel(3)32.3
N Bowley10-1453N Bowley(0) N Patel(2)34.2
Hinckley Town CC 1st XI
I Hyderalic S Patelb P Modha61190154.55
R Sen*b P Modha315240020.00
P Patelc J Purvisb P Modha066000.00
R Panchalc J Purvisb N Patel12228004.55
J Valandc J Purvisb P Modha1627301059.26
M Ghanib B Mike11318007.69
C Sherrard+b N Patel3620050.00
A Ghafoorb N Bowley312160025.00
G Singhc G Kennyb N Bowley318320016.67
T Hittonnot out1731240054.84
S Singhc J Barkerb N Patel1220050.00
Extras4nb 11w 2lb 2b 0pen 19
Total73all out
P Modha8.012343(3)1(1)13.002.88
J Barker5.01902(2)2(2)0.001.80
N Patel4.301030(0)0(0)9.002.22
B Mike4.001111(2)1(1)26.002.75
N Bowley5.001624(4)0(0)17.003.20
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
I Hyderali1-88I Hyderali(6) R Sen(0)2.5
P Patel2-113P Patel(0) R Sen(2)4.2
R Sen3-121R Sen(1) R Panchal(0)6.2
R Panchal4-3220R Panchal(1) J Valand(13)11.6
J Valand5-375J Valand(3) M Ghani(1)14.2
C Sherrard6-403C Sherrard(3) M Ghani(0)15.2
M Ghani7-433M Ghani(0) A Ghafoor(2)16.5
A Ghafoor8-496A Ghafoor(1) G Singh(1)19.1
G Singh9-7122G Singh(2) T Hitton(16)25.5
S Singh10-732S Singh(1) T Hitton(1)26.3
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: M Smithy M Smithy
Scorers: N Patel J Harrop