Division 3 Penkridge CC Sunday 1st XI v C&R Hawks CC Sunday 1st XI
Sunday, May 21 2017 (14:00) at Penkridge C.C.
C&R Hawks CC Sunday 1st XI Won By 3 wickets
Penkridge CC Sunday 1st XI won toss and decided to bat
Penkridge CC Sunday 1st XI C&R Hawks CC Sunday 1st XI
171 all out (39.4 overs)173 for 7 (36.2 overs)
2 Hours, 36 Minutes.2 Hours, 9 Minutes.
Penkridge CC Sunday 1st XI
J Ratcliffec and bMichael Gallear1041421024.39
A Morrisb Michael Gallear923260039.13
J Marsonc J Finlanb Michael Gallear014000.00
J Pope+lbwb A Sindrey922411040.91
R PARKERc G Thakralb A Sindrey27254620108.00
B Morrisc A Sindreyb L Evans927341033.33
J Oakleyrun out(sub)2656572146.43
S Jones*c J Finlanb J Skyte19192130100.00
W Hinderc M Rashidb Michael Gallear1522263068.18
J Hinderc S Smithb Michael Gallear022000.00
B Marsonnot out1280050.00
Extras6nb 16w 2lb 17b 5pen 46
Total171all out
S Smith8.012704(4)0(0)0.003.38
Michael Gallear7.421254(5)0(0)10.001.57
A Sindrey6.011520(0)0(0)18.002.50
S Kiyani4.003305(6)0(0)0.008.25
Matthew Gallear5.001400(0)0(0)0.002.80
L Evans6.012210(0)0(0)36.003.67
J Skyte3.002411(1)2(6)21.008.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
A Morris1-2323A Morris(9) J Ratcliffe(5)7.6
J Marson2-285J Marson(0) J Ratcliffe(4)9.1
J Ratcliffe3-291J Ratcliffe(1) J Pope(0)11.6
J Pope4-7339J Pope(9) R PARKER(24)18.1
R PARKER5-807R PARKER(3) B Morris(4)20.1
B Morris6-9616B Morris(5) J Oakley(5)26.3
S Jones7-13741S Jones(19) J Oakley(20)33.4
J Oakley8-15922J Oakley(1) W Hinder(5)36.7
J Hinder9-1612J Hinder(0) W Hinder(1)37.4
W Hinder10-17110W Hinder(9) B Marson(1)39.4
C&R Hawks CC Sunday 1st XI
G Thakralc B Marsonb W Hinder4355738078.18
W Morgan*run out(J Marson)2838416073.68
M Rashidc J Marsonb W Hinder1580020.00
L Evansc J Marsonb W Hinder2880025.00
J Skyteb J Pope40384371105.26
J Finlan+c B Marsonb J Pope637371016.22
Matthew Gallearc J Oakleyb J Marson10101020100.00
Michael Gallearnot out23221821104.55
S Kiyaninot out661500100.00
A Sindrey
S Smith
Extras5nb 4w 2lb 3b 0pen 14
Total173for 7
B Marson5.212301(1)0(0)0.004.31
J Oakley6.022001(1)0(0)0.003.33
J Marson8.032710(0)0(0)48.003.38
J Hinder5.004401(1)1(5)0.008.80
W Hinder5.021730(0)0(0)10.003.40
R PARKER2.00600(0)0(0)0.003.00
J Pope5.003121(1)0(0)15.506.20
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
W Morgan1-5353W Morgan(28) G Thakral(21)12.2
M Rashid2-6613M Rashid(1) G Thakral(11)14.2
L Evans3-7812L Evans(2) G Thakral(10)16.4
G Thakral4-9315G Thakral(1) J Skyte(13)20.1
J Skyte5-12936J Skyte(27) J Finlan(2)28.4
J Finlan6-1389J Finlan(4) Matthew Gallear(5)30.6
Matthew Gallear7-1446Matthew Gallear(5) Michael Gallear(1)31.6
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
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