SC P/1 2017 (50) Normandy CC 1st XI v Ashtead CC 1st XI
Saturday, May 27 2017 (12:00) at Lower Ground
Ashtead CC 1st XI Won By 29 runs
Points: Normandy CC 1st XI: 3 Ashtead CC 1st XI: 20
Normandy CC 1st XI won toss and decided to field
Ashtead CC 1st XI Normandy CC 1st XI
228 for 5 (50.0 overs)199 all out (47.2 overs)
2 Hours, 56 Minutes.2 Hours, 49 Minutes.
Ashtead CC 1st XI
G Harperc A Hemingwayb C Jones53941056056.38
M Sandersonc A Hemingwayb D Miles012000.00
L Boseb N Sowter3033402290.91
M Rawatc C Jonesb D Miles821021205180.39
B Geddesc N Sowterb D Miles4463673069.84
H Storey+not out1071000142.86
S Homesnot out001000.00
J Vaughan-Davies
M Friedlander
T Homes
T Deighton*
Extras0nb 9w 0lb 0b 0pen 9
Total228for 5
D Miles10.014931(1)0(0)20.334.90
A Grimshaw7.013900(0)0(0)0.005.57
N Prowse8.013201(1)0(0)0.004.00
N Sowter10.013713(3)0(0)63.003.70
J Ganapathy3.001901(1)0(0)0.006.33
C Jones10.004210(0)0(0)60.004.20
O Kolk2.001003(3)0(0)0.005.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
M Sanderson1-33M Sanderson(0) G Harper(3)0.5
L Bose2-5047L Bose(30) G Harper(17)11.5
G Harper3-12171G Harper(33) M Rawat(31)30.3
M Rawat4-21291M Rawat(51) B Geddes(39)47.4
B Geddes5-22210B Geddes(5) H Storey(4)49.3
Normandy CC 1st XI
A Hemingwayc L Boseb M Friedlander411110036.36
O Kolkrun out(M Sanderson)35951212036.84
C Jonesb M Friedlander010000.00
N Sowterc M Rawatb M Friedlander2450050.00
N Prowse*c and bM Rawat801131259070.80
J Ganapathyb T Homes3340393082.50
F Austinrun out(M Sanderson)1220050.00
D Milesc H Storeyb M Rawat84601200.00
S Wellfarec T Homesb M Rawat101180090.91
R Burton+not out22700100.00
A Grimshawrun out(M Friedlander)32300150.00
Extras1nb 16w 1lb 3b 0pen 21
Total199all out
M Friedlander7.003139(9)0(0)17.004.43
J Vaughan-Davies10.013104(4)0(0)0.003.10
L Bose1.01100(0)1(1)0.001.00
T Deighton10.003601(1)0(0)0.003.60
T Homes9.213110(0)0(0)56.003.32
S Homes4.002800(0)0(0)0.007.00
M Rawat6.003732(2)0(0)12.676.17
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
A Hemingway1-99A Hemingway(4) O Kolk(0)2.5
C Jones2-90C Jones(0) O Kolk(0)2.6
N Sowter3-112N Sowter(2) O Kolk(0)4.4
O Kolk4-120109O Kolk(35) N Prowse(60)34.3
N Prowse5-16646N Prowse(20) J Ganapathy(25)42.1
F Austin6-1682F Austin(1) J Ganapathy(1)42.4
D Miles7-18214D Miles(8) J Ganapathy(5)44.1
J Ganapathy8-1886J Ganapathy(2) S Wellfare(4)45.5
S Wellfare9-1946S Wellfare(6) R Burton(0)46.5
A Grimshaw10-1995A Grimshaw(3) R Burton(2)47.2
Weather: Cloudy Pitch: Green
Umpires: J Beckwith S Todd
Scorers: MJ Holloway-Neville G Burton
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