Unicorns Championship Eastern Division Lincolnshire v Staffordshire
Sunday, June 18 2017 (11:00) at Sleaford
Day 1 (Not Started) Staffordshire 0 for 0 (0.0 overs)
Staffordshire won toss and decided to bat
Staffordshire (1st Innings) Lincolnshire (1st Innings)
0 for 0 (0.0 overs)
0 Minutes.
Staffordshire (2nd Innings) Lincolnshire (2nd Innings)
Staffordshire (1st Innings)
PJ Wilshaw
T Maxfield
KA High
GR Willott
K Ali*
RBA Coates+
TA Steele
MJ Hill
DP Richardson
TJJ Hope
PA Byrne
Extras0nb 0w 0lb 0b 0pen 0
Total0for 0
Lincolnshire (1st Innings)
C Wilson*+
DDA Brown
RT Carnelley
A Carter
SC Evison
DD Freeman
L Kimber
TC Knight
SKW Wood
AJ Willerton
MS Lineker
Extras0nb 0w 0lb 0b 0pen 0
Total0for 0
Weather: Quite Nice Pitch: 22 yards or there abouts
Umpires: SJ Malone RJ Newham
Scorers: KB O'Connell S Clayton