Division 1 Newcastle & Hartshill CC 1st XI v Silverdale CC, Staffs 1st XI
Saturday, June 24 2017 (13:00) at Newcastle & Hartshill Cricket Club
Silverdale CC, Staffs 1st XI Won By 10 runs
Newcastle & Hartshill CC 1st XI won toss and decided to field
Silverdale CC, Staffs 1st XI Newcastle & Hartshill CC 1st XI
120 all out (47.2 overs)110 all out (41.0 overs)
2 Hours, 52 Minutes.2 Hours, 31 Minutes.
Silverdale CC, Staffs 1st XI
D Leesec J Gidmanb A Keates418180022.22
R White+run out(J Hagan)23144006.45
A Whittakerlbwb Z Pongolo11413007.14
Z Mansoorb Z Pongolo12030005.00
M Moorec J Gidmanb A Keates213130015.38
C Brookesb R Haider1940514047.50
M Baker*c Z Pongolob S Smith1647542034.04
M Myattnot out3556625162.50
S Deggrun out(Z Pongolo)522221022.73
T Deggc J Gidmanb R Haider2329284079.31
G Moorelbwb Z Pongolo023000.00
Extras8nb 1w 2lb 1b 0pen 12
Total120all out
A Keates13.051920(0)1(1)39.501.46
Z Pongolo14.224431(1)7(7)31.333.07
R Haider11.042720(0)0(0)33.002.45
S Smith9.012710(0)0(0)54.003.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
D Leese1-1010D Leese(4) R White(2)4.4
A Whittaker2-122A Whittaker(1) R White(0)7.6
R White3-131R White(0) Z Mansoor(0)11.1
M Moore4-174M Moore(2) Z Mansoor(1)14.3
Z Mansoor5-181Z Mansoor(0) C Brookes(0)15.3
C Brookes6-5436C Brookes(19) M Baker(15)26.6
M Baker7-562M Baker(1) M Myatt(1)29.5
S Degg8-7620S Degg(5) M Myatt(14)37.5
T Degg9-11943T Degg(23) M Myatt(19)46.5
G Moore10-1201G Moore(0) M Myatt(1)47.2
Newcastle & Hartshill CC 1st XI
C Marshc M Mooreb G Moore1346631028.26
J Gidman+c R Whiteb T Degg01217000.00
A Whiteheadlbwb T Degg42210200.00
Z Pongolob T Degg712151058.33
J Haganc G Mooreb S Degg218160011.11
R Haiderc M Mooreb G Moore521211023.81
J Cronielbwb T Degg1338451034.21
J Short*not out57727411079.17
R Hallb Z Mansoor066000.00
A Keateslbwb T Degg610111060.00
S Smithb G Moore0921000.00
Extras2nb 0w 1lb 0b 0pen 3
Total110all out
G Moore15.061530(0)0(0)30.001.00
T Degg11.033650(0)0(0)13.203.27
S Degg9.032610(0)0(0)54.002.89
Z Mansoor6.003210(0)2(2)38.005.33
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
J Gidman1-22J Gidman(0) C Marsh(2)5.1
A Whitehead2-64A Whitehead(4) C Marsh(0)5.3
Z Pongolo3-2014Z Pongolo(7) C Marsh(7)9.2
J Hagan4-244J Hagan(2) C Marsh(2)13.6
C Marsh5-306C Marsh(2) R Haider(4)16.3
R Haider6-311R Haider(1) J Cronie(0)20.3
J Cronie7-7241J Cronie(13) J Short(27)31.1
R Hall8-8210R Hall(0) J Short(9)32.6
A Keates9-9715A Keates(6) J Short(8)35.5
S Smith10-11013S Smith(0) J Short(13)40.6
Weather: Overcast Pitch: Hard
Umpires: A Griffin A Johnson
Scorers: D Redmond S Moore