Championship - Division 4A Worcestershire Cricket Boys Under 17 v Somerset Cricket Board Under 17
Monday, August 07 2017 (12:00) to Tuesday, August 08 2017 at Stourbridge Cricket Club
Worcestershire Cricket Boys Under 17 won toss and decided to bat
Worcestershire Cricket Boys Under 17 (1st Innings) Somerset Cricket Board Under 17 (1st Innings)
295 for 10 (94.3 overs)218 for 5 Abandon (62.0 overs)
5 Hours, 53 Minutes.3 Hours, 41 Minutes.
Worcestershire Cricket Boys Under 17 (2nd Innings) Somerset Cricket Board Under 17 (2nd Innings)
Worcestershire Cricket Boys Under 17 (1st Innings)
J Haynes*c J Sumerauerb N Gilchrest010000.00
C Leac C Reedb J Sumerauer28631072044.44
J Johalc C Reedb M Toohey8114816716054.73
M Ahmedlbwb M Toohey3062783048.39
Z Ul Hassanc B Wellsb J Sumerauer2576762032.89
X Clarkec C Reedb M Toohey518151027.78
D Penningtonc J Sumerauerb N Dunning2755552049.09
P Clarkc C Reedb J Sumerauer1471830019.72
M Davisc N Dunningb J Sumerauer1419230073.68
B Coxnot out48476561102.13
B Fitzmaurice+c J Scrivensb C Harding413220030.77
C Cross
Extras6nb 1w 5lb 7b 0pen 19
Total295for 10
N Gilchrest13.034310(0)2(2)80.003.31
C Harding11.343910(0)0(0)69.003.39
J Sumerauer17.025141(1)3(3)26.503.00
T Walsh14.024000(0)1(1)0.002.86
N Dunning25.026710(0)0(0)150.002.68
M Toohey14.014330(0)0(0)28.003.07
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
J Haynes1-00J Haynes(0) C Lea(0)0.1
C Lea2-8282C Lea(28) J Johal(47)25.3
J Johal3-14260J Johal(34) M Ahmed(26)42.4
M Ahmed4-1497M Ahmed(4) Z Ul Hassan(3)48.3
X Clarke5-16112X Clarke(5) Z Ul Hassan(5)54.2
Z Ul Hassan6-20645Z Ul Hassan(17) D Pennington(26)68.1
D Pennington7-2093D Pennington(1) P Clark(1)73.1
M Davis8-23122M Davis(14) P Clark(8)79.2
P Clark9-26534P Clark(5) B Cox(23)89.5
B Fitzmaurice10-29530B Fitzmaurice(4) B Cox(25)94.3
Somerset Cricket Board Under 17 (1st Innings)
C Clistc X Clarkeb B Cox79131077.78
T Harlowlbwb B Cox012000.00
B Wells*st B Fitzmauriceb P Clark37931114039.78
J Scrivensc C Leab Z Ul Hassan4056666071.43
C Reed+lbwb X Clarke641051317260.95
N Dunningnot out431021075042.16
C Hardingnot out310100030.00
J Sumerauer
N Gilchrest
M Toohey
T Walsh
Extras4nb 5w 5lb 10b 0pen 24
Total218for 5 Abandon
B Cox12.024421(5)1(1)37.003.67
D Pennington2.00800(0)0(0)0.004.00
M Davis6.022300(0)3(3)0.003.83
C Cross2.001000(0)0(0)0.005.00
Z Ul Hassan9.014410(0)0(0)54.004.89
P Clark12.042410(0)0(0)72.002.00
M Ahmed10.033200(0)0(0)0.003.20
J Johal7.011400(0)0(0)0.002.00
X Clarke2.00410(0)0(0)12.002.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
T Harlow1-11T Harlow(0) C Clist(1)0.3
C Clist2-1211C Clist(6) B Wells(5)2.6
J Scrivens3-8775J Scrivens(40) B Wells(23)19.4
B Wells4-12235B Wells(9) C Reed(22)30.2
C Reed5-21492C Reed(42) N Dunning(42)58.1
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: D Jervis A Harris
Scorers: C Cowley R Wilks