Premier League Nottinghamshire Academy v Plumtree
Saturday, August 12 2017 (12:00) at Lady Bay, West Bridgford
Plumtree Won By 51 runs
Points: Nottinghamshire Academy: 5 Plumtree: 20
Plumtree won toss and decided to bat
Plumtree Nottinghamshire Academy
210 for 9 (50.0 overs)159 all out (45.4 overs)
3 Hours, 23 Minutes.3 Hours, 0 Minutes.
ST Ashraflbwb R Parker-Cole410121040.00
SE Storeylbwb R Parker-Cole614211042.86
OC Soamesc A Aldredb L Bhabra8812316010071.54
BI Storey*c J Cookb R Parker-Cole317220017.65
ME Milnesb R Parker-Cole812192066.67
GG Whitec L Kimberb C Marshall1031342032.26
MJ Woodc J Evisonb C Marshall1741582041.46
FCA Taylor+c T Keastb L Bhabra1015181066.67
AT Carternot out1324301054.17
IS Jandurun out(A Aldred)18182520100.00
CJ Dring
Extras5nb 21w 2lb 5b 0pen 33
Total210for 9
R Parker-Cole10.013246(6)0(0)16.503.20
L Kimber5.003005(5)2(2)0.006.00
L Bhabra5.202120(0)3(3)17.503.94
C Marshall12.004223(4)0(0)37.503.50
J Cook11.414102(4)0(0)0.003.51
N Kimber4.002402(2)0(0)0.006.00
J Evison2.001300(0)0(0)0.006.50
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
ST Ashraf1-99ST Ashraf(4) SE Storey(1)2.5
SE Storey2-156SE Storey(5) OC Soames(0)4.3
BI Storey3-3722BI Storey(3) OC Soames(13)8.5
ME Milnes4-5417ME Milnes(8) OC Soames(6)12.6
GG White5-9238GG White(10) OC Soames(26)22.6
MJ Wood6-15664MJ Wood(17) OC Soames(39)39.4
OC Soames7-17317OC Soames(4) FCA Taylor(10)43.1
FCA Taylor8-1741FCA Taylor(0) AT Carter(1)43.6
IS Jandu9-21036IS Jandu(18) AT Carter(12)49.6
Nottinghamshire Academy
L Kimberlbwb ME Milnes031000.00
J Evisonlbwb IS Jandu047000.00
H Chaudrylbwb ME Milnes032000.00
C Gibsonlbwb AT Carter1642632038.10
T Keast+b IS Jandu47891056052.81
R Parker-Colec SE Storeyb CJ Dring13131811100.00
J Cookc BI Storeyb CJ Dring6861075.00
C Marshall*b IS Jandu4458815075.86
A Aldredb ME Milnes925292036.00
L Bhabrac GG Whiteb SE Storey1123260047.83
N Kimbernot out3790042.86
Extras1nb 3w 2lb 4b 0pen 10
Total159all out
ME Milnes11.023131(1)1(1)22.672.82
IS Jandu9.432131(1)0(0)19.672.17
AT Carter9.004210(0)0(0)54.004.67
CJ Dring9.023720(0)0(0)27.004.11
SE Storey7.002211(1)0(0)43.003.14
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
L Kimber1-00L Kimber(0) J Evison(0)0.3
H Chaudry2-00H Chaudry(0) J Evison(0)0.6
J Evison3-11J Evison(0) C Gibson(0)1.4
C Gibson4-4342C Gibson(16) T Keast(25)17.5
R Parker-Cole5-7431R Parker-Cole(13) T Keast(17)22.6
J Cook6-828J Cook(6) T Keast(2)24.5
T Keast7-908T Keast(3) C Marshall(3)29.1
A Aldred8-11929A Aldred(9) C Marshall(17)36.3
L Bhabra9-14627L Bhabra(11) C Marshall(14)43.2
C Marshall10-15913C Marshall(10) N Kimber(3)45.4
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: P Chambers D Forster
Scorers: A Cusworth IJ Smith
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