Div 1.1st XI.(Win/Loose/Draw) Redditch CC 1st XI v Worcester CC 1st XI
Saturday, August 19 2017 (12:30) at Bromsgrove Road,Redditch
Worcester CC 1st XI Winning draw By 13 runs
Points: Redditch CC 1st XI: 4 Worcester CC 1st XI: 0
Redditch CC 1st XI won toss and decided to field
Worcester CC 1st XI Redditch CC 1st XI
203 for 6 (50.0 overs)190 for 9 (50.0 overs)
3 Hours, 5 Minutes.3 Hours, 7 Minutes.
Worcester CC 1st XI
H Lewisc N Chaudhryb HA Mohammed40881136045.45
B Evansc N Chaudhryb HA Mohammed761361667055.88
S Shepherdb T Field417150023.53
M Adeelc B Wealb N Chaudhry1291611133.33
C Steele*c HA Mohammedb G Moyhuddin3133351093.94
H Clark+c B Wealb N Chaudhry1210050.00
C Knaptonnot out14121600116.67
A Hillnot out032000.00
H Javed
M Jones
S D'Oliveira
Extras0nb 15w 7lb 3b 0pen 25
Total203for 6
W Ali12.015009(9)0(0)0.004.17
N Chaudhry10.023022(2)0(0)31.003.00
G Moyhuddin9.013412(2)0(0)56.003.78
HA Mohammed13.025022(2)0(0)40.003.85
T Field6.002910(0)0(0)36.004.83
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
H Lewis1-102102H Lewis(40) B Evans(42)30.5
S Shepherd2-11614S Shepherd(4) B Evans(9)35.2
M Adeel3-13822M Adeel(12) B Evans(10)39.1
B Evans4-16931B Evans(15) C Steele(13)44.5
H Clark5-1701H Clark(1) C Steele(0)45.1
C Steele6-19929C Steele(18) C Knapton(11)49.2
Redditch CC 1st XI
T Phelanc C Knaptonb H Javed635356130118.87
T Fieldb C Steele1440522035.00
R Southwick*c H Clarkb A Hill1237391032.43
B Weal+c H Clarkb C Steele1420253070.00
Y Altafb C Steele1528263053.57
R Chaudhryc S Shepherdb C Steele1617253094.12
G Moyhuddinrun out(A Hill)3148583064.58
HA Mohammedc B Evansb A Hill1442601033.33
N Chaudhryb H Javed1450025.00
L Davisnot out312110025.00
W Alinot out006000.00
Extras0nb 5w 1lb 1b 0pen 7
Total190for 9
M Adeel6.021900(0)0(0)0.003.17
A Hill16.027422(2)0(0)49.004.63
C Steele17.034941(1)0(0)25.752.88
H Javed8.013422(2)0(0)25.004.25
M Jones3.001200(0)0(0)0.004.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
T Field1-8080T Field(14) T Phelan(63)15.2
T Phelan2-800T Phelan(0) R Southwick(0)16.1
B Weal3-10222B Weal(14) R Southwick(8)23.5
R Southwick4-1064R Southwick(4) Y Altaf(0)26.4
Y Altaf5-12822Y Altaf(15) R Chaudhry(7)31.2
R Chaudhry6-14012R Chaudhry(9) G Moyhuddin(2)33.4
G Moyhuddin7-18343G Moyhuddin(29) HA Mohammed(12)46.2
N Chaudhry8-1852N Chaudhry(1) HA Mohammed(0)47.3
HA Mohammed9-1894HA Mohammed(2) L Davis(2)48.3
Weather: Cloudy Pitch: Green
Umpires: T Wright M Neal
Scorers: G Fisher K Weston