T20 Appleby Frodingham CC 1st XI v Sheffield Collegiate CC 1st XI
Sunday, September 03 2017 (10:07) at Chichester Road, Cleethorpes
Appleby Frodingham CC 1st XI Won By 10 runs
Appleby Frodingham CC 1st XI won toss and decided to bat
Appleby Frodingham CC 1st XI Sheffield Collegiate CC 1st XI
172 for 9 (20.0 overs)162 for 9 (20.0 overs)
1 Hour, 17 Minutes.1 Hour, 22 Minutes.
Appleby Frodingham CC 1st XI
M Fowler*b B Fielding845268112161.54
M Morlandst A Simpsonb B Fielding23142240164.29
H Vyasb N Smit3890037.50
J Cookc and bN Smit1320033.33
K Lindleyc L Shuttb N Smit6960066.67
A Grimes+c A Simpsonb T Eldred1230050.00
I Snowdenrun out(E Callis)35253240140.00
K Watsonc D Priestleyb R Shaw012000.00
R Dayst A Simpsonb B Fielding86410133.33
J Smithnot out11100100.00
P Hilton
Extras2nb 1w 4lb 3b 0pen 10
Total172for 9
E Callis2.003300(0)2(2)0.0016.50
R Shaw4.003210(0)0(0)24.008.00
L Shutt2.002000(0)0(0)0.0010.00
B Fielding4.003630(0)0(0)8.009.00
N Smit4.002331(1)0(0)8.335.75
T Eldred4.002110(0)0(0)24.005.25
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
M Morland1-5959M Morland(23) M Fowler(32)5.4
H Vyas2-7718H Vyas(3) M Fowler(14)8.1
J Cook3-792J Cook(1) M Fowler(1)8.5
K Lindley4-8910K Lindley(6) M Fowler(4)10.5
A Grimes5-912A Grimes(1) M Fowler(1)11.3
M Fowler6-15564M Fowler(32) I Snowden(29)17.6
K Watson7-1605K Watson(0) I Snowden(3)18.4
R Day8-17111R Day(8) I Snowden(3)19.5
I Snowden9-1721I Snowden(0) J Smith(1)19.6
Sheffield Collegiate CC 1st XI
T Rowleyb K Lindley2620033.33
L Shuttc J Cookb H Vyas41213471195.24
A Simpson+c J Smithb P Hilton8991088.89
N Smitc K Watsonb J Smith29233440126.09
M Simpsonlbwb J Cook30182622166.67
E Callisc P Hiltonb K Watson88710100.00
J Varley*b J Cook610140060.00
R Shawrun out(A Grimes)86610133.33
D Priestleyb P Hilton2370066.67
B Fieldingnot out1491220155.56
T Eldrednot out7860087.50
Extras1nb 3w 3lb 0b 0pen 7
Total162for 9
K Lindley3.002410(0)0(0)18.008.00
P Hilton4.003221(1)0(0)12.508.00
J Smith3.003010(0)1(1)19.0010.00
H Vyas4.003310(0)0(0)24.008.25
J Cook4.002521(1)0(0)12.506.25
K Watson2.001511(1)0(0)13.007.50
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
T Rowley1-22T Rowley(2) L Shutt(0)0.6
A Simpson2-1816A Simpson(8) L Shutt(7)3.2
L Shutt3-7153L Shutt(34) N Smit(17)8.2
N Smit4-10534N Smit(12) M Simpson(21)11.3
E Callis5-12116E Callis(8) M Simpson(8)13.3
M Simpson6-1287M Simpson(1) J Varley(4)14.6
R Shaw7-13911R Shaw(8) J Varley(2)16.2
J Varley8-1390J Varley(0) D Priestley(0)16.4
D Priestley9-15112D Priestley(2) B Fielding(10)17.6
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: R Knowles S Boulton
Scorers: M Forrester S Ward
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