Over 40's Toft CC O 40s v Grappenhall O 40s
Sunday, September 10 2017 (13:00) at CBH
Grappenhall O 40s Won By 7 wickets
Toft CC O 40s won toss and decided to bat
Toft CC O 40s Grappenhall O 40s
86 for 8 dec (20.0 overs)87 for 3 (12.5 overs)
1 Hour, 27 Minutes.45 Minutes.
Toft CC O 40s
S Hardstaffb B Clissold27100028.57
M Hopest T McCoyb B Cagna411160036.36
T Drummondc R Greenb M Holden2131431067.74
S Lockeb B Cagna916130056.25
C Sheldon*c N Fairbrotherb M Holden68100075.00
N Muirheadnot out2233440166.67
M Corneslbwb N Fairbrother2370066.67
M Jonesc S Newallb B Clissold511170045.45
J Sheldonrun out(I Wright)11300100.00
M Freedman+not out11100100.00
J Bishop
Extras3nb 2w 4lb 4b 0pen 13
Total86for 8 dec
B Clissold4.00922(2)1(1)13.502.25
B Cagna4.001720(0)0(0)12.004.25
M Holden4.002020(0)2(2)13.005.00
N Fairbrother4.001010(0)0(0)24.002.50
J Hayes4.002200(0)0(0)0.005.50
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
S Hardstaff1-1111S Hardstaff(2) M Hope(3)2.1
M Hope2-154M Hope(1) T Drummond(3)3.6
S Locke3-3015S Locke(9) T Drummond(5)7.6
C Sheldon4-4414C Sheldon(6) T Drummond(6)10.3
T Drummond5-5612T Drummond(7) N Muirhead(3)12.5
M Cornes6-593M Cornes(2) N Muirhead(1)14.1
M Jones7-7718M Jones(5) N Muirhead(12)18.4
J Sheldon8-825J Sheldon(1) N Muirhead(3)19.2
Grappenhall O 40s
S Newall*c M Jonesb N Muirhead913112069.23
I Wrightretd, out30303541100.00
K Andersonlbwb N Muirhead021000.00
R Greennot out2125312184.00
N Fairbrothernot out871010114.29
W Sharp
M Holden
T McCoy+
B Cagna
J Hayes
B Clissold
Extras0nb 14w 4lb 1b 0pen 19
Total87for 3
M Cornes4.001803(3)0(0)0.004.50
N Muirhead4.002020(0)0(0)12.005.00
J Sheldon2.002002(10)0(0)0.0010.00
M Jones2.001100(0)0(0)0.005.50
J Bishop0.501301(1)0(0)0.0015.60
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
S Newall1-1919S Newall(9) I Wright(8)3.1
K Anderson2-201K Anderson(0) I Wright(1)3.4
I Wright2-6242I Wright(21) R Green(6)9.6
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: B Burns D Gain
Scorers: S Burley