Cowdrey Cup Eton v Harrow
Saturday, June 23 2018 (09:37) at Lord's
Eton Won By 114 runs
Eton won toss and decided to bat
Eton Harrow
237 for 7 (55.0 overs)123 for 10 (39.4 overs)
3 Hours, 25 Minutes.2 Hours, 22 Minutes.
MO Anscombb MW Ayliffe1027491037.04
BM Eliaslbwb MS Ali701311377053.44
CE Lyons*b JA Chohan56881236063.64
CL Adairc and bJA Chohan2433224072.73
HA Thistlethwaytenot out29274340107.41
WG Lowther-Pinkertonlbwb JA Chohan031000.00
TTS Lytle+lbwb HJ Maxwell1091010111.11
CD Pennyc RS Wijeratneb WA Falcon911111081.82
JW Gammellnot out1220050.00
JB Hardy
S Mathur
Extras1nb 14w 12lb 1b 0pen 28
Total237for 7
WA Falcon9.013312(2)0(0)56.003.67
HJ Maxwell8.004415(5)0(0)53.005.50
MW Ayliffe11.004312(2)0(0)68.003.91
JA Chohan11.004932(2)0(0)22.674.45
MS Ali11.003210(0)0(0)66.002.91
JE Langston5.002303(3)1(1)0.004.60
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
MO Anscomb1-4545MO Anscomb(10) BM Elias(22)11.6
BM Elias2-145100BM Elias(48) CE Lyons(44)37.4
CL Adair3-17732CL Adair(24) CE Lyons(6)44.6
CE Lyons4-19518CE Lyons(6) HA Thistlethwayte(10)48.2
WG Lowther-Pinkerton5-1950WG Lowther-Pinkerton(0) HA Thistlethwayte(0)48.5
TTS Lytle6-20914TTS Lytle(10) HA Thistlethwayte(3)51.1
CD Penny7-23425CD Penny(9) HA Thistlethwayte(14)54.1
LH Harrington-Myerslbwb JW Gammell1026382038.46
HH Dickettslbwb CD Penny736530019.44
TN Shepourib CD Penny86620133.33
RS Wijeratnelbwb JW Gammell551310100.00
AP Ferreira+c TTS Lytleb S Mathur1213202092.31
MW Ayliffe*c CL Adairb S Mathur858661013.79
JE Langstonc TTS Lytleb BM Elias2132224065.63
WA Falconst TTS Lytleb BM Elias814151057.14
JA Chohanb BM Elias2450050.00
MS Alic WG Lowther-Pinkertonb BM Elias729200024.14
HJ Maxwellnot out317140017.65
Extras2nb 25w 3lb 2b 0pen 32
Total123for 10
JW Gammell7.031124(4)0(0)23.001.57
JB Hardy4.012205(7)2(2)0.005.50
CD Penny7.004425(13)0(0)23.506.29
S Mathur11.022820(0)0(0)33.002.55
BM Elias8.441141(1)0(0)13.251.27
HA Thistlethwayte2.00200(0)0(0)0.001.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
LH Harrington-Myers1-2727LH Harrington-Myers(10) HH Dicketts(4)8.3
TN Shepouri2-3710TN Shepouri(8) HH Dicketts(1)9.5
HH Dicketts3-447HH Dicketts(2) RS Wijeratne(5)11.3
RS Wijeratne4-495RS Wijeratne(0) AP Ferreira(4)12.2
AP Ferreira5-6516AP Ferreira(8) MW Ayliffe(0)16.1
JE Langston6-9429JE Langston(21) MW Ayliffe(2)23.5
WA Falcon7-10713WA Falcon(8) MW Ayliffe(2)29.4
JA Chohan8-1136JA Chohan(2) MW Ayliffe(4)31.2
MW Ayliffe9-1174MW Ayliffe(0) MS Ali(4)32.6
MS Ali10-1236MS Ali(3) HJ Maxwell(3)39.4
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: LR Allan N Kent
Scorers: AHR Ford WDF Cleeve