Friendly Hampstead CC Friendly v Crouch End Friendly
Sunday, July 01 2018 (13:06) at Greenfields
Crouch End Friendly Won By 64 runs
Crouch End Friendly won toss and decided to bat
Crouch End Friendly Hampstead CC Friendly
260 for 4 (40.0 overs)196 all out (38.3 overs)
2 Hours, 40 Minutes.2 Hours, 36 Minutes.
Crouch End Friendly
N Dowers*+retd, not out10599123161106.06
R Goodfieldc S Paytonb A Milligan014000.00
K xc S Gemesb M Thomas1831473058.06
M Ribarynot out48821086058.54
M Bainesb B Knights Johnson29202150145.00
R Rocherb A Milligan5760071.43
E Beaumontnot out168720200.00
A Bedasee
N Nickel
M Sandler
Extras7nb 14w 4lb 14b 0pen 39
Total260for 4
B Knights Johnson8.005111(1)2(2)51.006.38
A Milligan8.003525(5)0(0)26.504.38
M Thomas8.003013(4)0(0)51.003.75
O Turner4.003802(2)0(0)0.009.50
T Chaudry8.005501(1)4(4)0.006.88
A Jerman4.003301(1)1(1)0.008.25
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
R Goodfield1-66R Goodfield(0) N Dowers(4)1.1
K x2-6458K x(18) N Dowers(28)12.2
N Dowers2-184120N Dowers(73) M Ribary(28)30.4
M Baines3-22642M Baines(29) M Ribary(7)36.1
R Rocher4-2337R Rocher(5) M Ribary(2)37.6
Hampstead CC Friendly
A Joanidesc R Rocherb K x553743101148.65
S Gemes*c and bR Goodfield3540494087.50
M Suttonc R Goodfieldb M Sandler3036444083.33
S Payton+c R Rocherb M Sandler2229514075.86
A Goelb R Rocher1338570034.21
T Chaudryst K xb M Sandler317120017.65
M Thomasrun out(K x)761010116.67
O Turnerb M Sandler44210100.00
B Knights Johnsonc subb R Rocher1550020.00
A Milliganc subb N Dowers817221047.06
A Jermannot out541010125.00
Extras2nb 6w 1lb 4b 0pen 13
Total196all out
N Nickel8.013500(0)0(0)0.004.38
R Rocher7.214021(1)0(0)22.505.45
R Goodfield8.003810(0)0(0)48.004.75
K x5.003610(0)1(1)31.007.20
M Sandler8.012741(1)0(0)12.253.38
N Dowers2.101512(4)1(1)16.006.92
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
A Joanides1-8585A Joanides(55) S Gemes(29)11.3
S Gemes2-927S Gemes(6) M Sutton(1)12.6
M Sutton3-14452M Sutton(29) S Payton(18)21.6
S Payton4-1528S Payton(4) A Goel(4)25.1
T Chaudry5-1586T Chaudry(3) A Goel(3)29.3
M Thomas6-1679M Thomas(7) A Goel(1)31.1
O Turner7-1714O Turner(4) A Goel(0)31.5
B Knights Johnson8-1732B Knights Johnson(1) A Goel(0)32.4
A Goel9-1785A Goel(5) A Milligan(0)36.3
A Milligan10-19618A Milligan(8) A Jerman(5)38.3
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: J Patel
Scorers: D Skinner