Four Counties Womens Cricket League Hampstead CC Womens 2nd XI v Ealing CC Womens 1st XI
Sunday, September 16 2018 (13:00) at
(Not Started) Ealing CC Womens 1st XI lead by 37 runs Ealing CC Womens 1st XI 0 for 0 (0.0 overs)
Hampstead CC Womens 2nd XI won toss and decided to field
Ealing CC Womens 1st XI (1st Innings) Hampstead CC Womens 2nd XI (1st Innings)
87 all out (27.5 overs)50 all out (21.2 overs)
2 Hours, 6 Minutes.1 Hour, 30 Minutes.
Ealing CC Womens 1st XI (2nd Innings) Hampstead CC Womens 2nd XI (2nd Innings)
0 for 0 (0.0 overs)
0 Minutes.
Ealing CC Womens 1st XI (1st Innings)
A Patelc and bB Lovell-Viggers29120022.22
S Katob J Black1324312054.17
C Raymondc S Papapavloub B Hay1324351054.17
I Foysterb J Black011000.00
S Diamond+c B Lovell-Viggersb S Culley047000.00
Zoya Latifb M Chapman2737474072.97
A Malhotrab H Poole330520010.00
E Ritchielbwb M Chapman1012161083.33
R Patelc H Pooleb M Venkatesan12125004.76
Zahrah Latifc S Papapavloub B Lovell-Viggers28140025.00
C Pearce*not out014000.00
Extras4nb 9w 0lb 3b 0pen 16
Total87all out
B Lovell-Viggers6.001922(2)0(0)19.003.17
J Black4.011320(0)1(1)12.503.25
B Hay4.011110(0)0(0)24.002.75
S Culley4.001211(1)1(1)26.003.00
H Poole4.001413(3)0(0)27.003.50
M Chapman4.021323(3)0(0)13.503.25
M Venkatesan1.50210(0)2(2)13.001.09
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
A Patel1-66A Patel(2) S Kato(2)2.5
S Kato2-2923S Kato(11) C Raymond(11)7.3
I Foyster3-290I Foyster(0) C Raymond(0)7.4
S Diamond4-323S Diamond(0) C Raymond(0)9.1
C Raymond5-353C Raymond(2) Zoya Latif(0)10.1
Zoya Latif6-6631Zoya Latif(27) A Malhotra(1)19.4
A Malhotra7-7913A Malhotra(2) E Ritchie(8)22.3
E Ritchie8-812E Ritchie(2) R Patel(0)23.4
Zahrah Latif9-865Zahrah Latif(2) R Patel(1)26.5
R Patel10-871R Patel(0) C Pearce(0)27.5
Hampstead CC Womens 2nd XI (1st Innings)
S Papapavlou*c S Katob A Patel923200039.13
L Harrislbwb R Patel11626006.25
M Venkatesanlbwb A Patel3580060.00
H Poolec S Katob Zahrah Latif0312000.00
B Lovell-Viggerslbwb S Kato045000.00
V Farrell+b A Patel628550021.43
M Chapmanc S Katob Zahrah Latif052000.00
H Alcraftb Zahrah Latif044000.00
B Hayb S Kato0712000.00
J Blackb Zahrah Latif1330033.33
S Culleynot out1431260045.16
Extras1nb 9w 1lb 5b 0pen 16
Total50all out
R Patel4.011312(3)1(1)27.003.25
A Patel4.21834(4)0(0)10.001.85
S Kato6.01820(0)0(0)18.001.33
Zahrah Latif6.031241(1)0(0)9.252.00
C Pearce1.00301(1)0(0)0.003.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
S Papapavlou1-1919S Papapavlou(9) L Harris(1)5.3
L Harris2-245L Harris(0) M Venkatesan(3)6.6
M Venkatesan3-240M Venkatesan(0) H Poole(0)7.1
B Lovell-Viggers4-251B Lovell-Viggers(0) H Poole(0)8.1
H Poole5-272H Poole(0) V Farrell(2)9.1
M Chapman6-270M Chapman(0) V Farrell(0)9.6
H Alcraft7-303H Alcraft(0) V Farrell(0)11.2
B Hay8-311B Hay(0) V Farrell(1)12.4
J Black9-321J Black(1) V Farrell(0)13.1
V Farrell10-5018V Farrell(3) S Culley(14)21.2
Ealing CC Womens 1st XI (2nd Innings)
S Diamond+
I Foyster
S Kato
Zahrah Latif
Zoya Latif
A Malhotra
A Patel
R Patel
C Pearce*
C Raymond
E Ritchie
Extras0nb 0w 0lb 0b 0pen 0
Total0for 0
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: S Fawcett J Ritchie
Scorers: T Cleverdon J Grigg