Dredgers Taped-Ball League Dredgers v VIP
Tuesday, October 17 2023 (19:01) at Dredgers
Dredgers Won By 7 wickets
VIP won toss and decided to bat
VIP Dredgers
93 for 8 (10.0 overs)95 for 3 (7.0 overs)
50 Minutes.43 Minutes.
Michael Dover+c and bJustin Athanaze28162632175.00
Elroy Francis Jrc D'Ahri Francisb Kerry Mentore1371211185.71
Kenrick Scottb D'Ahri Francis971001128.57
Malik Marcellinb Glenton Williams44710100.00
Peter Bellanfantirun out(Tyrone Williams Jr)48100050.00
Malique Geraldb Kerry Mentore981301112.50
Shaquan Reiferlbwb Glenton Williams1430025.00
Conroy Semple*run out(Kerry Mentore)1240050.00
Kadeem Josiahnot out63301200.00
Shamar Pereiranot out11200100.00
Ozan Williams
Extras0nb 8w 3lb 6b 0pen 17
Total93for 8
Jedediah Martin1.00900(0)0(0)0.009.00
Javaughn James2.002900(0)0(0)0.0014.50
Kerry Mentore2.001623(7)0(0)7.508.00
D'Ahri Francis1.001010(0)0(0)6.0010.00
Justin Athanaze2.001511(1)0(0)13.007.50
Glenton Williams2.00520(0)0(0)6.002.50
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
Elroy Francis Jr1-2121Elroy Francis Jr(13) Michael Dover(7)2.3
Kenrick Scott2-5130Kenrick Scott(9) Michael Dover(21)4.5
Michael Dover3-510Michael Dover(0) Malik Marcellin(0)5.1
Malik Marcellin4-609Malik Marcellin(4) Peter Bellanfanti(2)6.2
Peter Bellanfanti5-7010Peter Bellanfanti(2) Malique Gerald(8)7.4
Shaquan Reifer6-711Shaquan Reifer(1) Malique Gerald(0)8.2
Conroy Semple7-787Conroy Semple(1) Malique Gerald(1)9.1
Malique Gerald8-791Malique Gerald(0) Kadeem Josiah(0)9.2
Melvin Charlesc Conroy Sempleb Shaquan Reifer33183633183.33
Mervin Higginsb Kadeem Josiah1371002185.71
D'Ahri Francisb Malik Marcellin047000.00
Kerry Mentorenot out23152541153.33
Tyrone Williams Jr+not out52610250.00
Glenton Williams
Jedediah Martin
Mike France
Javaughn James
Justin Athanaze
Kirk Douglas*
Extras4nb 12w 5lb 0b 0pen 21
Total95for 3
Shaquan Reifer2.003111(1)1(1)14.0015.50
Elroy Francis Jr1.002301(5)1(1)0.0023.00
Kadeem Josiah2.001610(0)1(1)13.008.00
Malik Marcellin2.002012(6)1(1)15.0010.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
Mervin Higgins1-2626Mervin Higgins(13) Melvin Charles(12)2.1
D'Ahri Francis2-304D'Ahri Francis(0) Melvin Charles(2)3.3
Melvin Charles3-7343Melvin Charles(19) Kerry Mentore(13)6.2
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: A Gregory F Mark