Total Cricket Scorer Basics
Total Cricket Scorer, the new cricket scorebook software has been designed to allow the user to enter ball-by-ball information for a cricket match just as you would in a traditional cricket scorebook. You can then review the data to determine player's strengths and weaknesses and view batting statistics and bowling statistics.

This information can be viewed as the data is entered (thus providing real-time feedback on the current match), or reviewed at a later date so that match plans or practice regimes can be targetted correctly.

Within Total Cricket Scorer a player is not restricted to playing for any one cricket club or team. A number of details can be stored for a player, both cricketing and personal, including:
  • Full names
  • Contact details
  • Batting hand
  • Bowling arm
  • Bowling action
The player graphics window in the cricket software has two tabs to display different information for the current innings - the data is obtained from user input in the ball-by-ball data entry.

The Wagon Wheel tab displays information relating to the batting side, e.g. where runs have been scored.

The Length View tab displays where deliveries pitched in relation to the wicket.

Match Types
The match type must be defined in the cricket software prior to the start of play, and includes, but is not limited to, the following options:
  • Number of innings per side
  • Number of days for the match
  • Number of players per side
  • Number of overs in the match (limited overs only)
  • Bowlers overs restriction (limited overs only)
  • Number of deliveries per over
  • Value of no balls and wides
Statistics can be viewed at any time in the cricket software, irrespective of whether a match is currently open, and are shown on a club/team basis. Selecting Tools | Statistics from the menu bar in the application produces a range of options, including:
  • Club (which club are the statistics to be produced for or all clubs)
  • Team (which team from the club are the statistics to be produced for, or all teams)
  • Type (batting, bowling, or team statistics)
  • Player (which player from the club/team are we interested in, or all players)
  • Match Type (concentrate on statistics for a particular match type, e.g. league games only)
  • Season (which season are the statistics to be produced for, or all seasons, i.e. career)
  • Minimum number (of matches played for batting stats, or wickets taken for bowling stats)
  • Sort by (sort results in descending order of selected criteria, e.g. average, economy, strike rate, wickets taken etc)
Total Cricket Scorer has a host of other features too numerous to list here, so why not see for yourself and download a copy of the Total Cricket Scorer¬©  software today?