"I know you probably will not want to mention other software but before using TCS I used a rival product. I have found TCS much simpler and easier to use.

You provide much more detail (but in a convenient format), including the use of colour and all the necessary entries are in a toolbar at the top of the screen so you don't need to have a palette floating about as in WSB.

You also have the choice of scoring simply (one click scoring) or you can go the more complicated route and use the wagon wheel and length view. There is also no need for a separate statistical programme as TCS collates stats for you and I also like the fact that if you have to score a match manually you can enter all the details into TCS.
The fact that you can switch to scorebook view is also a great improvement.

What I am most impressed with is COMMUNICATION. Replies to question are answered very quickly and you take on board points and suggestions made and where appropriate action them and you bring out a new version very quickly.

TCS takes the hassle out of manual scoring and makes life much easier for the scorer. I have far more time to operate the scoreboard! TCS is well worth the money."